1. Introduction


Hi there! We're Pixate. Nice to meet you.

What is it?

Pixate is a next-generation mobile interaction design service aimed at helping designers create complex animations and interactions without writing code. The platform generates 100% native mobile prototypes as they’re being designed, enabling you to refine unique experiences and communicate interactive ideas to stakeholders and team members.

Why should I use it?

You want to create mobile prototypes that let you express your ideas with interactions and animations that exactly match a real app. Pixate lets you quickly express the ideas in your head, play with them on your mobile device, and iterate quickly, all without writing any code. When you can experience your ideas exactly as they'll work in the real world, you can have more impact as a designer, reduce churn, and more effectively communicate with your team.

What do I need?

Your wits, a modern computer, Pixate Studio, web browser and cloud account (for sharing and cloud storage), an Android or iOS mobile device, and a plan to make a game-changing app.

Let's get started

We're here to help. This guide will help you get started with Pixate, and walk you through all of the features and concepts you need to become an expert. If you can't find something in the guide, have feedback about how the guide could improve, or have any questions in general, please let us know.

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